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About Us

What a joy it is to receive guests at The Fan House. Our hotel is proud to have received the high recognition as a Member of Small Elegant Hotels and has been awarded the SEH Quality Seal. Al fresco breakfasts, a perennial garden, a stream, birds a plenty and on a clear night a canopy of stars because we’re happily a dark sky place ...  We hope you enjoy your stay in in this tiny corner of the world that time forgot.

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A place with soul is bound to have a lot of history surrounding it.


  • Were those bricks discovered in the attic really used as shields against Indian arrows way back in 1840?

  • What about the gardens that were said to be the showplace of Barnard? (We’re working on bringing those back, by the way.)

  • Vermont's first female lawyer lived here.

  • A Vermont artist, Wm. B. Hoyt, lived here. (Today he commands six figures for his paintings, some of which fell out of the barn that was razed a few years ago. Those paintings now hang in The Fan House.

But today The Fan House is also about what it has become nearly two centuries later:

  • Original floorboards measuring 18 inches from trees long obsolete

  • Woodwork that speaks to the transition from simple cottage to the more ornate fin-de-siecle

  • Textures of heirloom tapestries complimenting paintings gleaned from around the world

  • Senses that luxuriate in 300+ thread count linens, down comforters and wrap-around bath sheets

  • Relaxing massage treatments in the privacy of your own room

  • Private yoga sessions

  • Sensibilities reminiscent of a Mediterranean patois in the choice of fabrics and décor

  • The Chateauguay across the steep incline to the brook, a close-to forest primeval

  • Birch trees and perennial gardens

  • Leisurely home-crafted breakfasts

  • And much more than we can elucidate here.

The Fan House is also said to be a replica of a dwelling that once graced the property of nearby (a mile up the road) Twin Farms where author Sinclair Lewis and journalist Dorothy Thompson lived.

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